Custom Beauty: FCP with Stephanie March & Rebecca Perkins of SheSpoke Makeup

This week, we’re joined by entrepreneurs and SheSpoke Makeup co-founders, Stephanie March and Rebecca Perkins, to talk about their journey through the beauty industry. You may recognize Stephanie as Alexandra Cabot from (the greatest show of all time) Law & Order: SVU, which is where she met makeup artist, Rebecca, and the idea for SheSpoke was born. We chat about how the business came to be, the difficulties they’ve faced during lockdown and more importantly, how they’ve been able to take this time to further their goals, which is super inspiring and motivating if you, like me, have mostly been sat on your sofa and become one with your sweatpants. We also talked about their favourite products, makeup must-haves including the mascara that Alex calls ‘a religious experience’ for Rebecca, and how Rebecca went about designing makeup for Alex Cabot and Olivia Benson on SVU. On top of this wonderful conversation, we also have a Highlight of the Week, which is a veritable dream of an eyeshadow palette.

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Full Coverage is a podcast for beauty lovers, by beauty lovers. Join professional makeup artist, Harriet Hadfield and unprofessional beauty lover, Lindsey Kelk as they discuss everything happening in the world of makeup, skincare, haircare and beyond.

Lindsey Kelk is an internationally bestselling author, lipstick lover and pro-wrestling obsessive who can be found all over social media @lindseykelk and at

Harriet Hadfield is a professional make-up artist and planner addict, and can be found on her blog and YouTube channel, and on Instagram at @harrymakesitup and @hmiuacademy

Full Coverage is edited & produced by Lindsey Kelk


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