Skin Secrets with Rowan Hall-Farrise of QMS

As anyone who has listened to Full Coverage over the last couple of months know, we’re both smitten kittens when it comes to the skincare line, QMS. This week, were lucky enough to sit down with Rowan Hall-Farrise, global educator and skin magician (the first one is her official title, the second is what we’re naming her forever). She tells us all about her career, how she got interested in skincare and we nerd out over the latest advancements and ingredients here to save your face.

We’ve also got New News from Bobbi Brown, Victoria Beckham Beauty, Kyle Cosmetics, Colourpop and more, plus a double dose of Highlights of the Weeeeeek! Please note, this episode contains much Christmas chat and if that’s not your thing feel free to skip the first five minutes…


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Highlight of the Week

Cle Cosmetics

Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation


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