Nadine Baggott, Celebrity Beauty Editor


Strap yourself in for a full hour in the presence of greatness. This week, Lindsey is joined by beauty industry icon, Nadine Baggott, Truly one of the most joyous episodes of Full Coverage ever recorded, we cover everything from how Nadine got her start in beauty, her favourite skincare ingredients, the beauty products she can’t live without and which fragrances make her weak at the knees and which perfume sends us both running for the hills. Also, please note there is an indecent amount of cat chatter. Indecent.


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Full Coverage is a podcast for beauty addicts, by beauty addicts. Join professional makeup artist, Harriet Hadfield and unprofessional beauty junkie, Lindsey Kelk as they discuss everything happening in the world of makeup, skincare, haircare and beyond.

Harriet Hadfield is a professional make-up artist and can be found on her blog and YouTube channel,

Lindsey Kelk is an internationally bestselling author, lipstick lover and pro-wrestling obsessive who can be found all over social media @lindseykelk and at


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